The Locals Cafe

Whether this place is local to you or not, it’s worth a trip for brunch at The Locals Cafe. 

Snapseed 5
*Silently takes interior notes*

Plus bearing in mind I visited this place tucked away in SW (Chelsea) on a Sunday morning around 11:30am and there was…

1) No queue & 2) Plenty of tables to choose from

…that’s already a winner in my books! And don’t worry, I can certainly vouch that the food was great so that definitely wasn’t the reason why it wasn’t bursting with fellow brunch-ers at the seams. Perhaps it’s still a bit of a hidden gem so shhh, don’t tell everyone!

My friend was running late but no bother, I nestled into a snug table in the corner and ordered a classic Earl Grey with a shot on the side…

Best. Shot. Ever.

The cafe considers itself a ‘healthy eating inspired hangout’. Great (providing I’m not going to leave hungry after a minuscule egg white omelette with a handful of salad leaves on the side).

Luckily after close inspection of the menu, it seemed that was not going to be the case. PHEW!

Snapseed 7
The Locals Full Healthy – Truffle & Wild Mushroom Eggs – Smoked Salmon Side

As you can see, we enjoyed quite the feast.

The Locals Full Healthy was almost falling off the plate and those eggs!! Well let me tell you, those folded eggs were probably the best eggs I’ve had in London to date. Yes that’s a HUGE statement I know but it’s a true one. I mean, just look at them…

Snapseed 6.jpg
Truffle & Wild Mushroom Eggs on Sourdough

Luxurious. Creamy. Chunks of mushroom. Beautiful seasoned. The dream. Someone wrap me up in this gorgeous pillowy mass of folded eggs!

Both plates down a treat and the coffee was pretty good too. Not a bad word to say about this place so if I haven’t tempted you to visit, I’m not sure what will! Don’t forget to grab something sweet to-go on your way out to counteract that wonderfully healthy brunch you’ve just enjoyed.

 FYI you CAN reserve a table! AND Tom Hardy has been here and is apparently a fan. Just saying.

Snapseed 8

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