It’s safe to say I’m HOOKed with this place.

With it’s bright neon name beaming at you as you walk in, this newly refurbished restaurant in Camden is a gem. Tables scattered with jars of fresh meadow flowers, and an eclectic wall of Hook-branded wooden trays, you instantly know this is more than just any fish and chip restaurant in London…


Spacious, fresh and light, we settled in at our table with a view of the kitchen, ordered some fresh gin cocktails and delved into the menu. And what a treat we were in for…

I have a thing for fresh flowers in restaurants…

With a varied list of small plates, just choosing starters was hard enough. After minutes of ooo-ing and aah-ing a decision was made and a feast of an order fit for a small army of the hot wings with smoked applewood sauce, fish tacos and a pint of prawns for good measure (obviously) was soon to be wingin’ it’s way over to us.

Snapseed 3

Despite already having filled the tum pretty well, it was time to crack on with the mains where there’s something for everyone – it’s not just fish!

Obviously we had to order fish and chips (it would be sacrilege if we didn’t!), plus given it’s one of my favourite British classics, for me it was a no brainer!

With the classic in panko breadcrumbs with tartare sauce and seaweed chips on order (definitely slipped in a sides of mushy peas and dulses too didn’t I!) we also couldn’t resist the 16hr short beef rib with Parmesan polenta and chard spring onions. Dreamy.

FYI for any veggie folk reading, there’s a delicious sounding aubergine parmigiana on the menu too with truffle gnocchi…yep, that woke you up reading this didn’t it!

Oh. My. Cod.

What can I say. The fish, light and fluffy. The batter, crisp and not soggy. The chips, hand-cut, chunky and delightful. 10/10

And the short rib I hear you ask? Well, just check out how gorgeously tender it was here.

There are luxurious homemade puddings on the menu too but I think it’s fair to say after the amount consumed in this sitting, there was little room left for something rich and sweet. However a classic affogato did slip down quite nicely!

So if just like me you love yourself some fish and chips now and again, or every Friday, whatever floats your boat, Hook is your next plaice to visit. They’re also good at sharing regular offers and discounts on their menu so keep an eye out on their Instagram. Book to avoid disappointment! The restaurant isn’t huge, but their popularity is!

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